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Ouch123 said on 04 April 2012

Hello Fellow back sufferers, my sincerest best wishes to everyone that their backs get better or at least it stops hurting. Had a back problem for twenty years - discs. The problem comes and goes and now, after a stumble, it's back with a vengeance. The last bout I had lasted eighteen months, agony and all movement, walking, bending, doing mundane jobs were done in a hell of pain but reading some of the storeys here makes me feel a bit of a whinger because some of you have it much worse than me and I have picked up a few tips that I hadn't heard of before so I'll try them out, thank you to all for your helpful suggestions. Does any one else get severely depressed by it all? I do. I've just managed to get to the local shop and back - a five minute walk but it took me twenty because I had to stop and hang on to every fence and post I shuffled past. What's depressed me this time is because I went to the shops to buy some cigarettes, I gave in after over three months of not smoking but feel I need them just to have something to take my mind off the pain, stupid I know but I'm at such a low ebb with it all. Quite agree with the comments re doctors, they just aren't interested. Wish I was young and pretty they'd all be falling over backwards to help then! But it has helped to come here and read that I'm not alone in this so thanks everyone for sharing your own stories here and good luck to all.