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Julie Shrive said on 01 April 2012

This is cloud cuckoo land as when you tell them this is not happening they turn tables blaming you because don't know what to do .Choose & Book is not our choice but used by Surgeries to manipulate appts & Complaints . A former GP told me they were rationing & did not have to use the hippocratic oath this was before I died x3 of cardiac arrest.And still this is happening as directed by LAs accountants via contracts. Now the GP writes a letter marked urgent on 9 th March but hospital said hadn't received until I chased it up & the Secretary surgery used Choose & Book to get May 30 th . This is not good enough. The secretary used Choose & Book surgery & hospital saying didnt receive. When has it come procedure to ignore GPs & Specialists direction or am I being hoodwinked . My consultant asked for next available appt in Jan & got 25th July . How many die waiting? The Admin staff need directing, monitoring & overseeing as seem so anarchaic when you ask to speak to a Manager they tell you to leave & send for security who manhandle.They are letting down the good medical practice that happens.