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nadyamalik said on 17 March 2012

hi i have a 6 month old daughter whose vaccinations I am concerned about. she got her first dose of pcv at 2 months as recommended. however due to an oversight of the doctor she received her 2nd pcv injection at 3 months (instead of 4 months as recommended). I was assured by the doctors that while it is not recommended to give it at 3 months its not contraindicated. Now she is 6 months old. when I took her to my local surgery the nurse insisted on giving her another pcv jab saying that since she has received one at 3 months instead of 4 months it had rendered the one at 2months ineffective so she needed this one. i'm just really upset bc I think that this one she got at 6 months was not necessary and im just very worried that it may be in any way be harmful to her. can anyone tell me about this?