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Trabbs Boy said on 13 March 2012

I'm only on week 3, but I had to write to say I LOVE this program! Thank you so much, NHS and Laura! I am 50 and way fat, and I have bad feet and knees and I've never really liked exercise since I used to run back when I was half my age and half my weight. But I got my doctor's okay, and decided to give it a try. I bought good shoes, I do more of a fast shuffle than a real jog, and I ice my knees after each session, and I feel like a GOD! The only pain I feel is the pain of building muscle. My knees and feet are actually feeling better than before I started. I love Laura's positive encouragement -- such a great change from the drill-sergeant style of so many fitness instructors! Every time I finish a session, I feel like I'm being rewarded with the opportunity to do it again in a couple of days! And J3nesis, what I did to avoid embarrassment was to find the nearest upper middle class neighbourhood, where I don't know anybody, and I run the side streets. There aren't a lot of people, and they're all too busy or too well bred for catcalls. I also ran in the evenings after it got dark, but the gods suddenly cursed us with daylight savings time, so no more luck there. Of course, the best thing to do would be to hold head proud and remember that you are, in fact, perfection already. If large numbers of morons have a different sense of ideal beauty, one can only pity them their ignorance. All the best to you fellow C25Kers!