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Steve CA7 said on 02 March 2012

I personally know of more than 50 girls who are now suffering with CFS/ME or other similar autoimmune diseases since being given this vaccination. My own daughter's extreme severe illness started on the day of her vaccine in May 2011. She has lost 4 and a half stone in weight, not been able to attend school since June. Not walked for 5 months, not talked for 4 months, not opened her eyes for 3 months, been in constant pain for 6 months, been in a coma-like state for 3 months and the NHS don't know whats caused it but her first consultant did state in writing that it is quite likely to be a consequence of the HPV vaccine. They thought it was extreme severe CFS/ME but it isn't. At one point they confirmed that it is quite likely that it will turn out to be CFS/ME. Her paediatric nurse who has visited her at home each week since August has a casebook of 80 patients and has been doing the job for 23 years. He has stated that our daughter is one of the top 5 poorliest patients he has dealt with during this time. But still they don't know what it is or caused it - but can't rule out the vaccine. I have posted a reference to valuable factual information on this vaccine in another section of the NHS Choices webpage but it has been edited to lead you to this 'the vaccine is safe web page'. Just Google 'NHS Choices, Cervarix Medicine Guide' and you will find much better information even though the Department of Health removed it in December, diluted the content and then returned it 1 month later. Make an informed choice.