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lou girl 98 said on 27 February 2012

Everyone in my house has this awful virus at the moment, my 3 year old came down with this Saturday he was fine in himself then all of a sudden sickness and diareah, his sickness has gone but still has an upset tummy. My little girl same thing started yesterday, she just wants to stay in bed. They don't want to eat but are drinking plenty. Me and my partner on the other hand seem to be really suffering, early hours this morning my partner started to be sick followed by diareah every half and hour is was coming from one end or the other, he feels like he can't even get out of bed and feels really light headed. I then woke up his morning felt fine then watery mouth and sudden dash to the toilet being sick, I feel so weak and can't keep the smallest of water down! Did speak to doc but like they say u just need to ride it out, I haven't felt this ill in a long time and feel sorry for every1thas has had it or gets it.