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amytinkerbell said on 22 February 2012

i have been having diarrhoea for the last 2-3days and now on wednesday i am feeling very sick but i dont know when i will be sick. i am eating fine but i suggest to stay away from dairy foods like milk. yogurt is fine. i have been to the toillet today but hant had a poo which i think is improving my chance of getting better soon i have an headache so i suggest to only take par _s e t a m o l since the doctor can do nothin about it. i found out if you take a nice hot bath with no bubbles if you have sensitive skin like me. with some music that you like preferably soothing music. relaxes you. making you feel better. after that watch a flm with some water or a nice hot drink or some water if having a hot drink try and use only a small ammount of milk. i slept well for the first time in a couple of days without having to rush down to the toillet evry 10 minutes. just try it because now i am going to do this everynight until i get better mabe not so much the hot drink bit though. also do alot of exersise this helps alot i was on the kinect with my family doin kinect adventures and kinect sports. which involves jumping moving around alot this is streching you mucels so your feeling okay and so you ca sleep later on because yoiu will probably be tierd after all that stretching :) i hope everyone gets better and me ofcourse regards for reading.