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carolinef83 said on 15 February 2012

my mother in law has just suffered a stroke whats so frustrating as seems to be most peoples cases theres no rush for that scan my mil was admitted by ambulance to coventry & warwickshire university hospital weds 08/02 where after waiting several hours and showing symptoms of a stroke was givena ct scan 4 hours after arriving to be told it wasnt a stroke to go home and wait for a normal routine appointment from the specialist as she had lost all feeling in her right side sat morning 11/02 she woke up lost all feeling in her leg and couldnt walk took her back to the same hospital where she was put in to a bed and advised by a doctor they would arrange a mri scan as soon as no docotr was seen till tuesday 14/02 when they took her for a ct scan (again ) and advised her yes it was a stroke and quite serious then said they would arrange at some point to take her to the stroke ward so frustrating that for 4 days she was just left sitting in her bed without anyone seeing her and our family gp who she went to see weeks before with a few of the symptoms sent her home with some anti imflamitrys and a sppech about how the neck is made up of sugar coated wiring and some times when this comes away it causes the symptoms she was experiencing when i asked the nurse on the ward why she was firstly sent home the first time she was admitted i was advised it wasnt the time or place to talk about it and if i wanted my question answered i could have a meeting with the doctor before walking off!