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User644149 said on 11 February 2012

I had the flu Jab and Pneumojab in October and I have been ill ever since then. I had toothache, sinus pain, increased abxiety, I passed out for the first time in my life (I am 72) then I developed an extremely itchy and painful skin rash on my trunk, scalp, and armpits. I had appalling wind pains and flatulance but the rash became worse every day. Nothing the doctor prescribed helped. I asked to be referred to a dermatologist after spending the most miserable Christmas of my life and the rash pain was intensifying. I was told that this was impossible and I was referred to what amounts to a group of GPs. I was then told that I could be referred to a dermatologist and I am now booked in for an appointment.. I am very angry at being misdirected and misinformed and I would like to know who is structuring this system of deterring patients from consultants because I have since discovered that it is fast becoming common practice. There seems to be a grey eminence telling GPs what they must do. I have taken to the streets before on behalf of the NHS and will do so again. I will not be alone.