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Karen42 said on 09 February 2012

I had PiP implants in October 2006. For the last two years I have had lumps appear, pain to the point of clothes hurting, sweats, arm ache, pains in my armpits. I contacted my plastic surgery clinic two years ago to complain about my symptoms. They told me that my surgeon had left the company. I waited about six weeks to see another surgeon at the same company who felt the lumps and told me to go to my GP for a scan and they to come back and see him. They want to charge me £4190 to remove the implants. That's more than I paid for them in the beginning. After all the media coverage and new information about PiP implants I contacted my plastic surgery company again in january to book another appointment. They could fit me in February, a whole month later. They telephoned me yesterday, 8 february to say my appointment on 9 February is cancelled due to the surgeons schedule changing. I am fed up of being fobbed off. I am now seeking legal advice. Is there anyone else out there doing the same?