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sas238 said on 06 February 2012

Our two year old started with this on thursday night after being sick in bed, no loose stools until sunday, she has no appetite and only wants to drink, my wife started on friday night with an upset stomach which progressed to sickness within 2 hours, she is 7 months pregnant and has been advised to take rehydration powders, I started with a watery mouth on sunday evening after dinner, within an hour I had it coming out of both ends and ended up passed out on the bathroom floor, spent all monday in bed so far with a gurgling stomach and very loose bowel, I've resorted to my hangover cure of cold fizzy coke, this is making me feel loads better. I suppose the jist of this is 3 people in the same house, same symptoms but varied intensities of each symptom, I feel for anyone whos had this as this is the worst I've felt through illness in years.