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frensham said on 06 February 2012

My son 14 years old has had a cough for over a week then sleepless nights started with "episodes" so doctor said probably whooping cough!He was immunised and she said they "wear out" after a while!Now a week on and not much better am going back to get him tested ,but then what? The phrase there is a lot of coughs going round does not help.This is not a cough ,he can not breathe and has been sick various times now, this is his GCSE years so am aware he has been away from school over a week now . There must be something to ease this.As for being rare, my eldest son reported back that a couple of friends of his have had this in the last year ! Lucky for the school i looked this up and kept him away to ensure no one else came into contact.More should be posted at schools when some one has this.