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sometimesitshard2bawoman said on 30 January 2012

Please get all the facts before agreeing to have Mirena fitted. I was persuaded to try it after 15 years of GP visits finally got me a laparoscopy and diagnosis of endometriosis. Mirena was sold to me as the best treatment for endo. Not in my experience. Traded lighter bleeding (but now lasting over 2 weeks) and slightly less pain for all of the side effects. Worse for me is the depression and mood swings. My kids look at me as though they don't know me and (thankfully understanding) partner has told me its like living with a stranger. I went from a size 8 to 14 overnight and its not shifting. Mirena was meant to help with my sex life as I couldn't have sex - too painful. Low libido means I won't even if I could. Looks like I will have to have surgery anyway due to extensive ahesions (blame the GP who for 15 told me I had nothing worse than IBS for that!), so I feel that I've gone through 6 months of hell for nothing (or to try to save the NHS some money?) I keep reading that Mirena cannot help with adhesion pain anyway, so don't understand why I was given it. Anyone else had similar experience with endo treatment?