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bookgeek83 said on 26 January 2012

I caught this from a friend. The incubation period was about 24 hours. My first symptom was bloatedness and stomach ache just before bed. Went to sleep, but woke an hour later feeling hot and sweaty and immediately started with diarrhoea, which was fairly violent and came every half hour for around 10 hours. During that time I was also sick once, but nothing too horrendous. Once the diarrhoea had subsided a little, I had a headache and body aches and pains. I really wanted to sleep but couldn't get comfortable. After 24 more hours of this (with occasional diarrhoea) symptoms pretty much subsided. SInce then I've had no appetite and am really struggling to eat. I'd recommend drinking fizzy drinks or ice water slowly whilst ill, then VERY SLOWLY re-introducing bland food such as dry toast, potato and chips into your diet until you're completely recovered. I'm obsessively washing my hands and cleaning everything in sight and so far my partner hasn't succumbed. If you get this, keep yourself hydrated and sleep as much as possible. In my case it wasn't too traumatic.