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Simon KyteTW said on 26 January 2012

I am having exactly the same rubbish. As I understand it, it is to late to get a swab test. I have been looking into it with a private clinic but they want to charge £65+VAT just for answering that question. I spoke to one doctor and told him that i had been in contact with someone who had had whooping cough in the office (actually only her partner tested positive on the swab) and that i had never been immunised. He was helpful enough but the one I actually went to see wasn't convinced at all (and didn't seem to believe the fact that my mother had objected to all immunisations) but then he doesn't have to wake up going bright purple gasping for air every night! so a blood test could still work? i have had one wek of antibiotic treatment (and i am at least getting some rest at night). BTW tonight i heard someone else who sounds like they are going down with it on the train back from london.