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Casualty said on 24 January 2012

I think it is wrong that GP appears on National TV programme, complaining about anonymous comments on NHS choices. Very misleading / Misleading the public. They saying it's a personal attack. The site is monitored & naming of particular GP to name & shame, is not allowed due to legal reasons & amended. The other reasons why it works so well, is that people are not pressurized & to meet the people complaining about, feeling awkward having their view swayed. They cannot be crossed off the surgery patient list & told to seek a new practice. They can not be prejudice against, for taking action. In order that preferential treatment is not given to the patient complaining & the complaint benefits all patients as a whole - through it being anonymous. They are also saying it's not showing a true cross section, which to me sound like they don't want to put their faults right and wish to work on statistics which can be interpreted differently.