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susanxx said on 12 January 2012

I have been 'out of sorts' since the end of October 2011 and by the Wednesday before Xmas (21/12/11) I knw I was coming down with something and on Xmas day I thought I had a cold. However on Boxing day the severe fever and fatigue told me I was a bit worse than first thought. However by the Tuesday (27/12/11) I thought I was getting better, but by the next day I was feeling rough again. Since then I have had fevers, sore, dry , painful throat, dry hacking cough, fatigue, shivers, nightmares, herpes creeping up into my nostrils causing severe pain not to mention l;ooking like a leper! I saw a doctor on Monday (9/01/12) and was given some cream for my nose and antibiotics for what ever it is I have, the word 'viral' was used! I am unable to function mere everyday tasks without stopping after one burst of energy. Is this swine flu?