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xtwinklex said on 03 January 2012

My partner and I both contracted this virus and began to display symptoms yesterday. His was mainly projectile vomiting but I had a few bouts of vomiting coupled with uncontrollable diarrhoea. We are both sweating and aching this morning and I have a nasty headache, probably due to dehydration. I had this virus two years ago and was constantly ill for 9 days, in which time I lost over a stone in weight! I phoned the doctor on day 7 and she suggested drinking pro-biotic yoghurt in order to put some good bacteria back into my system to help fight the infection. Within 48 hrs of trying it I began to feel better, and so this time we are both sticking to yoghurt and water and hopefully will start to feel better much sooner this time! If you can get it to go through without being sick then I definitely recommend it! Get well soon everyone!