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suzsi said on 02 January 2012

My son came home from work with this virus and I quickly picked it up within 24 hours. Starting with stomach pains and then vomiting and followed within a few hours with sever diarrhoea (like water). The vomiting then stopped but diarrhoea continued for 3 days, I took rehydration drinks but couldn't eat anything at all.After 3 days I was so weak I could hardly walk and became worried. I contacted my anti-coagulant nurse as I am on Warfarin and I had to get someone to take me for a blood test which showed my blood was dangerously thin with a 9.6 INR reading! This was by now xmas eve so I was allowed to go home without and have complete rest, take no warfarin and try and eat until after xmas. They would normally have administered Vitamin K to reverse the thin blood and hospitalise, I had a lucky escape and appear to have come through without any internal bleeding. This has been a warning to me, I assumed by being sick and having an upset stomach my medication effect would be lost but it actually did the reverse the Warfarin was absorbed into my blood stream as there was no food to counter balance it and therefore bacem dangerous. Please bear this in mind if you are on other medication.