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Sugar90 said on 02 January 2012

Hi, Looking at the comments i thought i would share mine also. At the age of 14 i lost 3 stone in 4 months, Was constantly on the toilet and if i wasnt on the toilet i was in my room curled up as my belly just felt terrible. At that age - you have no idea and to be honest my doctor had no clue.He ran as many tests as he could - then the words chrones dieseas was mentioned. My cousin has it so my mother was in pieces before we even got the news. I was lucky i hadnt got that i had IBS. Who would of known that 7 years later it would still be affecting my life. I have been through so many different medications etc. My only advise is to keep trying, like it says its your body and its unique to you. Its not easy i spent months not eating anything with lactose - wheat etc and i would still have episodes. Having IBS as a teenager was difficult and still is while your friends are going out you really dont have the energy or when you do go out you look for the nearest toilet - just incase. My IBS is related to stress also - i tend to loose a half a stone now and then - which just isnt healthy. One thing i have to say is for me Yoga and some form of exercise helps me. Whether its me doing yoga or playing just dance for a hour. I still have a long way to go but hopefully with enough food diaries and elemination of foods i will get there.