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howsaboutit said on 26 December 2011

I started to feel nauseous late on christmas eve, went to visit a family member and suddenly vomitted at their house. I needed a carrier bag to get home in the car as it was that bad. It was projectile and I cant believe the amount of fluid I brought up, It seemed to come from nowhere. This went on throughout the night. I also had a fever felt hot and cold and very restless. Attempted to take paracetamol with sips of water but brought everything back. Christmas day morning I started with water like stools, Which just sounded like i was passing urine. This went on for the majority of the day, I remained in bed for the whole day between vomitting feeling very weak, sweating perfusely aching from head to toe. I have not had any further episodes of watery stools or vomitting since christmas day night but I still feel nauseous and had an upset stomach and not really wanting to eat anything and my body still aches. I have also lost my voice but not sure if this is due to all the wreching and vomitting or Iv now got laryngitis? Anyway I wouldnt wish this on anyone its been a lonely isolated christmas for me with lost of pain and distress.