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kitty_77 said on 22 December 2011

Saturday 17th Dec, I started to get stomach pains that grew in intensity until I was sick, I spent the next two days vomiting with chills and fevers and the persistant stomach cramps. I couldn't even keep water down and realised I had wee'd for a all that time? No appetite, but no diarrohea (thank god) After 4 days I managed to see my GP, who prescribed Lanzaprozole (Gastro resisitant tabs for ulcers) and Prochlorperazine 5mg (anti vomit tabs) which has calmed the symptoms down. It's day 6. I still have a burning sensation in my throat and stomach (probably from all the vomiting) but the chills and sickness has gone. Can't get out of bed for long as so weak and tired. I havn't managed to eat food since saturday without triggering the sickness, so introduce the food slowly. I have got Dioralyte (black currant) and dextrose tabets for hydration and energy which I recommend to soothe and fruit ice lollies. This is a nasty virus and so take good care of yourself xxxx