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DeeDub1978 said on 21 December 2011

I started feeling a little peculiar after a night out with work (Christmas festivities) however when waking up on Sunday morning it felt a little different to the usual Christmas hangover. I had lot of acid reflux and dull stomach cramps but fortunately I did managed to avoid vomiting. I didn't feel hungry so kept drinking water all day and managed to eat a Sunday roast in the evening although didn't feel like a lot (definitely not me as I'm the sort of person who will finish everyone else's plate!). On Monday the dullness in my stomach started to increase and later that evening the diarrhoea started. It's now Wednesday afternoon and I'm lay in bed with the en-suite bathroom door at the ready. I'm going to drink fluids and when I feel hungry I'll try some soup but I have to admit it's very uncomfortable. I'd love to chat but I'm afraid I have to go...