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ebuk said on 20 December 2011

I can't remember ever feeling so ill. On Sunday I woke up with terrible stomach pains. I vomited on and off all day. In the evening tI rang my doctors' on call service to ask there was anything else I could do as I had taken gaviscon in the morning then moved on to Lanzaprozole in the afternoon to try to get rid of the acid reflux. They told me to go to A and E in case it was my heard. Having read other peoples comments I now realise this is part of the virus and fell awful that I might have passed this on to anyone waiting in A and E. By Monday the vomiting had stopped but I then had diarrhoea all day. The aching and temperature made me realise that this was more than the effect of eating something that hadn't agreed with me. When my sister suggested Norovirus it was so helpful to see the details on this site and make sense of what was happening to me. I am now on day 3 and feeling incredibly week and wobbly but the excruciating stomach pains are much improved and I have managed to keep in some mint tea and lucozade this morning. The thought of shopping for Christmas food is still beyond me!! I think there should be more publicity about this illness in surgeries, chemists etc. not only to help people to know what is happening to them but also to make them more careful about taking precautions to prevent them passing it on to others.