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emmae82 said on 16 December 2011

Hi all, i posted in November when i had an orthopaedic appointment. Due to pain my my buttocks, down my leg, groin and tingles in my foot and saddle paraesthsia i had an mri. For almost a year i'd been told this was just an unusual form of sciatica since i had the leg pain on the back and inside rather than outside of my thigh. I had a follow up yesterday and got my scan results. Nothing showed on the scan at all! I've just had a referral sent for physio but will have to wait around 6 weeks. Although the san showed nothing, i do wonder if i still have nerve irritation down there? I do have a patch almost in the crease of my groin and leg just slightly towards my backside which is sore to touch, but theres nothing there? It's ruining quality of life and im a single mum to 2 children. I was so sure something would show on the scan. I'm now back to square one, no idea whats wrong, back to drs next week. The mri was a lumbar one, so anything in my pelvis wouldn't show. I think the main problem must be there, especially as i get so much groin pain. When i had gabapentin the pain did ease although not completely (but i had a reaction to it so had to stop) so that suggests to me that it IS nerve related? Has anyone had a similar situation?