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Anna Watson said on 01 December 2011

There has been 2 measles deaths in the last generation, 1996 & 1992, both in Immune compromised children whose parents chose not to vacinate. There have also been 2 serious complications. However, since that time the government had paid out on 4 children’s deaths from vaccines. The UK government has paid out £3.5m to patients left disabled by vaccinations just since 1997. In fact, 917 payments have been made since the Vaccine Damage Payment Scheme was introduced in 1979 until 2005 when The Evening Standard demanded this information under the FOI. (The US has paid out $2 billion for vaccine damage by the way.) Significant is the fact that less than 10% of the public know about the Yellow Card Reporting of ADRs so side effects will be under reported said the MHRA in the ADR Conference this year. Considering that 2 million children are unvaccinated with the MMR and a further 1 million did not have the boosters, over 20% of the population, do these unvaccinated pose the greater risk of injury or does the vaccine?