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avishay said on 01 December 2011

Homeopathy proves me and my patients every day its effectiveness treating successfully chronic diseases. There is no doubt that law of similars and dilution of materials in a way that goes beyond Avogado law, seems strange and peculiar; nevertheless, we should not try to disqualify this healing method only because some issues are not fitting with those of science or medicine. I remind you that greatest discoveries were of people who knew and believed in their knowledge, which was not fitting to the every day norms. Homeopathy is the art of healing, and from my point of view, it was discovered and established many many years before humanity can understand or embrace it as a healing method. It was discovered before its time- and it seems that humanity is not yet ready to deal with it,hug it, use it and embrace it warmly. This is my opinion on this subject Avishay