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foodie said on 17 November 2011

I feel that the use of the word " facts" is misleading. Much of the information is purely assumption and opinion. I love food and the thing that really iritates me about the whole salt in food debate is when people suggest that you can cook without adding it during cooking. Food cooked without salt does NOT taste better. A little salt in the cooking process enhances the food. If salt is added during cooking, it should be unnecesary to add it later. If food is cooked without salt it is bland and people end up putting unhealthy ammounts onto the food at the table.A small ammount in the cooking ends up as being a negligable ammount by the time it is divided ammungst all those eating and much of it remains in the drained off cooking water. This moderate and reasonable use of salt will not GIVE you high blood pressure, but if you already suffer with with it, it may obviously be wise to limit your salt intake. Once again common sense seems to be in short supply.