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Amadeus26 said on 12 November 2011

Good video but it's a shame we have to go online to get this information. We live in an increasingly equal society so I think it's about time the NHS had leaflets about safe LGBT sex in their clinics, hospitals etc. It would be so much more comforting and easier to pick up a leaflet from a surgery instead of searching online. Online advice is flawed in the fact that many website aren't validated by medical health professionals so you never know what is good advice or not. I also have a point about washing sex toys - washing them with just soap and water isn't actually 100% effective. It helps but it's best to use antibacterial soap as sex toys can have lots of shapes and forms and it's easy for virus to get trapped. Use antibacterial soap, ladies :) Also agree with with dental dams being unavailable in Boots. I've had the confused look a few times! Also tired of the same old 'are you on the pill' question from my lady doctor! Look in my patient files and put that I'm a lesbian - it's not a dirty word.