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copelands said on 02 November 2011

I was really very concerned about part of your piece onType 2 Diabetes last Evening. At one point the guy with diabetis was seen to take his blood glucose level and tell the "doctor" it was 3.9. The Doctor the sais "that's waht we ant". Frankly THAT IS NOT WHAT WE WANT. A reading of 3.9 is either on the edge of a hypo or well into one depending on the person. Bel;ive me your diabetic would not have been sitting there smiling if his reading was 3.9. He would be sweating, trembling qand beginning to become incoherent. I only hope that as a result of your piec no-one goes out to drive a car at that level of glucose. Additionally, a reading of 8.5 does NOT mean that your toes are going to drop off !!! it is slightly higher that the upper limit of 7.9 which is recommended. It worries me that you are getting such important things wrong at such an early stage in the series.