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faithisabella said on 23 September 2011

i was diagnosed with fibromyalgia a number of years ago i was already taking amitriptyline after having varicose veins removed in my leg which wasnt successful as the op left the nerve endings damaged but wasnt told this was the treatment for fibromyalgia i was already on painkillers at this time. recently i was diagnosed with arthrosis now its hard to see where one complaint starts and the other ends i had been suffering severe pain for two and a half years and was being treated for trapped nerves in my neck and head and practically had to demand an x ray which also resulted in having ct scans and blood tests it turns out that the ligaments in my neck are hardening up like bone in my neck i am now waiting to attend physio and i'm taking painkillers for constant pain day and night no one realises how bad the pain is and the sleep deprivation drains your body.