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remote worker said on 14 June 2011

I have exactly the same situation as Austin Allegro, and would say that after 5 years you are normally entitled to full healthcare as a permanent resident of that country. Tax & NI situation though is difficult and AA is the first person I have met in the same situation, so wish we could discuss... However the problem now is that EHIC is emergency only, E101 is no use as it only tells my country of residence that i have paid NI in UK and do not need to pay here as well, and E106 is only really available after 2 years. Also I cannot renew my EHIC as it only allows a UK address. So having paid significant employee and employer contributions over the years, I am entitle to nothing, and no one can offer any advice, and certainly not consistent advice.... I also like the fact that these comments are reviewed every 2 years!!! and it's late as next review is due 2 months ago. The information, advice, documentation, clarity and general helpfulness on this subject is absolutely dreadful, no one seems to have a clue what to do when moving, and although people I call are helpful, none of the information is right when you take it to the next step / or present it in the country of residence...