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wipedout said on 01 February 2011

After all of the reassurance that the smear should not be painful, only uncomfortable, I arrived at my appointment yesterday very relaxed. In fact, having put it off for more years than I care to mention, I impressed myself by just how relaxed I was. Having the speculum inserted was fine but once the nurse opened it the pain began. This only got worse as the nurse began to move the speculum around. I actually yelled out in pain a couple of times with the nurse saying no more than the ocassional responsive "sorry". I think it was made worse because of all the reassurances in the leaflets about it being painless. To make things worse a cervical polyp was discovered and I am being referred to gynaecology outpaitients to have it removved - I don't even get 3 years to get over this experience!! I am hoping now that the nurse was perhaps a little heavy handed or blase and that my polypectomy will be less of an ordeal. If so, I will be asking my GP to do future tests in the hope that he will be more gentle.