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Anna Phalaxis said on 23 January 2011

I logged in to see whether there is any perceptible difference between "common Flu" and "Swine Flu". The only one that I can see is the name. Symptoms otherwise are pretty much identical. Except, of course, that we each of us who develop the syndromes show varied amounts of each symptom - temperature, headache, muscle aches, low energy, sickness etc. Methinks that clearly the flu is the result of our own physiology and the virus is just there for the ride. We set ourselves up and the flu rides in - whatever shape or form the virus might have. The result is we purge ourselves of both the virus and the grotty state we've let ourselves get into beforehand. Before I face a firing squad for insensitivity, I must add that I know people die during bouts of influenza but the bulk are old and/or infirm in some way. Several thousand are recorded as meeting their deaths in this way each year in the UK alone. Recently, however, young children and pregnant women have been found to die during a case of flu. Surely they should normally be able to come through such an illness with ease as we mostly do. What, then, is causing this small group to suffer such a terrible fate? Rather than just warning everyone that "Flu is a very serious illness" I think there should be urgent and intense research into what has gone wrong for this tragic small section of our community. If we knew that then we could all face any bout of "seasonal flu" with clearer understanding of the nature of the illness.