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squidgy965 said on 20 January 2011

Loopy and SJS, had virtually the same experience, started on 28 December with flu like symptoms, tried to go back to work on 6th Jan but just too weak, a week later still worn out, still coughing but nothing else until my heart started pounding and became breathless. I hadn’t been to the doctors up to then but decided now was the time to do so. Got an appointment for virtually 24 hours later, symptoms still the same, I walked in explained all I’d been through and that my breathing wasn’t right he took one look at me and said ‘you’ve got sinusitis’ I said I haven’t I’ve had that before, No you have he replied or some other type of infection, here’s some antibiotics and I want you to have some blood tests. The helpful receptionist gave me an appointment for a blood test for 7 days later (today). 4 Days later and I’m worse, made another appointment and made sure I got a different doctor. He immediately announced that he was very worried about my breathing and prescribed Tamiflu and some steroids & I’m to go back to him tomorrow, he couldn’t believe I’d been diagnosed with sinusitis. Anyway my breathing/heart beating improves in waves then returns, I’m exhausted, look like the living dead and worried like the rest of us who are searching for answers with not much joy. Back to the doctors tomorrow.