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katie2001 said on 08 January 2011

I'm a thirty year old healthy, fit person. I started feeling achy, with chills, sore throat, nausea, night sweats and generally feeling worn out on the 22nd of December. I was in bed for 4 days over christmas before I started to feel like I was improving. Although I never felt 100% and still had a really bad hacking cough I thought I was on the mend but yesterday felt terrible and am now back in bed, too weak to do anything. I feel like I've been beaten up as everything aches and all my muscles hurt from coughing so much. I haven't taken Tamiflu as I'm worried it might make things worse and also seems a bit late to go down that road. This is the worst I've ever felt! I'm sure the government aren't aware of how many people are suffering as a lot of people are using over counter medicines and not going to the gp. I feel so sorry for anyone that gets this that has asthma etc. Hopefully by the end of week three this will be over and I'll feel normal again. :-(