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hrtfan said on 30 December 2010

Excellent advice and I have made an appointment to see a female gp. Sadly I got negative response from receptionist when I said to discuss HRT. I think my practice is anti it and that is astonishing having just watched the video from NHS. We all have the right to make choices about our lives and balance risk versus gains. It should be possible for someone like me to go to an NHS gynaecologist direct and I should not be made to jump through hoops at my gp practice.Lets see what happens sex life is suffering my sleep is deprived my weight is soaring and my well being is on the floor...vaginal dryness and incontinence due to oestrogen loss is affecting evry waking minute of my life. Dont write off older women as not requiring help. I have only been married 3 years and have an active sex life thats going down the pan at a rate of knots ..