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Tallstoo said on 10 December 2010

This video and page of info was really helpful. Thank you. My mum-in-law returned from hospital with Norovirus (late diagnosis after leaving) on Tuesday, by Wednesday night I had caught it. Felt a litle rough going to bed, woke in middle of the night, up 3 times to go to loo, couldn't sleep, stomach gurgling, nausea, bloated belly. By morning I was dizzy, sick and ached all over, found it difficult to walk, thumping headache, could not face any food. Drank only very hot water (boiled) for a full 30 hours + paracetamol x 2 every 4 hours. That helped a lot. Now on day 2-3 feel sick, tried a little food but can't stomach much. Stools almost normal. I would have gone back to work too early and infected others if I hadn't read this. Greatly reassured by this website info.