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sheel said on 07 December 2010

I would prefer to have the choice i had last year, to have the normal seasonal flu jab and not the swine flu jab! This year i am not given that choice, there has been no consideration given to me at all. I asked my surgery if i could get the normal seasonal flu jab, the answer was "no, we only have this one"! So i have opted out and will have no protection this year. Yes, thats my choice, because there is no alternative on offer for me. I have not done this lightly. I suffer from COPD and Astma and have many underlying health problems, on-going and under investigation. I have been advised, due to these, i should take the flue jab. However, i feel that since my health is not that good anyway, that the swine flue that has been added to this year's vacination, i could possibly be more at risk of one of the serious symptoms that seems to be evident, concerning this vaccine. I have researched as much as i can about the swine flue vacination and the pro's and con's, i find it very scarey that opinions differ across the board and across borders. But most of all, i am truely angry that i have not been given the alternative "CHOICE" of a normal seasonal flu jab. So, now i have nothing! Yes, at least its my choice.