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User506239 said on 30 November 2010

An American MD (Alan MacDonald) has discovered a link between Lyme disease and various neurological conditions including MS, Parkinsons and Dementia. He noted that Syphillis (known at one time as the "great pretender" because it mimicked many diseases) could produce symptoms similar to MS, Dementia and Parkinsons. As Syphillis was caused by a spirochete bacterium he investigated whether MS, Parkinsons and Dementia could also be caused by a spirochete. Using DNA techniques he found the Lyme disease spirochete was present in most of the cases he examined! This is an area that needs more research and perhaps blood samples of individuals with MS, Parkinsons and Dementia should be routinely screened using Stevenel Blue for microscopial contrast ( instead of DNA )