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Kenyond1 said on 19 October 2010

There is also a lack of statistics of the number of cases, or deaths from Swine flu, or indeed the seasonal Flu last year, and the number of deaths of seasonal flu of those who had received the vaccine? Also no notice of the other ingredients included in the vaccine? I would want to know exactly what it contains... The swine flu vaccine has not been as rigorously tested as other vaccines, which is why over half of doctors refused to take the vaccine: And now it is included, so you have only one choice. Furthermore, the companies that make it have secured indemnity against prosecution should death result from the vaccine. Further Information on the Origins of (the) Swine flu / vaccine can be read here. Please research for your self on the web, then make an informed decision for your own health, not just from the NHS info, it is only One source!