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Warning about middle-aged drinking and dementia

Wednesday Oct 21 2015

"Middle-aged people should curb their drinking to reduce their risk of developing dementia, new guidance suggests," reports the Daily Mirror. The new guidance highlights that people aged 40 to 64 who regularly drink…

Could anti-inflammatory drugs prevent schizophrenia?

Monday Oct 19 2015

"It may be possible to prevent schizophrenia by calming the brain's immune system," BBC News reports after researchers found raised levels of immune activity in people thought to be at high risk of developing schizophrenia…

Could an arthritis drug also help treat Alzheimer's disease?

Tuesday Sep 22 2015

"Arthritis drug could soon reverse Alzheimer's symptoms after successful tests on mice," The Independent reports. The drug – salsalate – may help regulate levels of the abnormal tau protein associated with Alzheimer's…

'Dementia could strike 1 in 3 born this year', claims report

Monday Sep 21 2015

"One in three people born in the UK this year will suffer from some form of dementia in their lifetime," Sky News reports. This is the stark finding of a report commissioned by Alzheimer's Research UK…

Alzheimer's 'seeds' found in seven CJD victims' brains

Thursday Sep 10 2015

The results of a study that reported finding markers for Alzheimer's disease in the brains of some people who died of Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (CJD) has led to many inaccurate headlines in the press. The Daily Mirror claimed "You can catch Alzheimer's"…

No evidence that Alzheimer's can be transmitted through surgery

Wednesday Sep 9 2015

A study in the Nature medical journal has found evidence that the abnormal proteins associated with Alzheimer's disease could be spread directly as a result of certain types of surgery. So should you be worried? Almost certainly not…

Blood test for dementia claims are premature

Monday Sep 7 2015

"Simple blood test … could predict if you'll suffer dementia," the Daily Mail reports. This study aimed to identify a genetic score that could be used to indicate an individual's biological age…

How having 'senior moments' may be a good thing

Thursday Aug 27 2015

"Senior moments? Only worry if you don't notice them," the Daily Mail reports. A new study suggests becoming unaware of failing memory could be a warning sign of impending dementia…

Low vitamin D levels linked to increased multiple sclerosis risk

Thursday Aug 27 2015

"Lack of vitamin D may cause multiple sclerosis, study finds," reports the Guardian. A large study found people genetically programmed to have lower vitamin D levels are at an increased risk of multiple sclerosis (MS)…

Warnings of a dementia epidemic may be unfounded

Friday Aug 21 2015

"Dementia may not be the fast-growing epidemic it has been painted to be," The Guardian reports. Latest data from Europe shows the percentage of dementia cases have levelled off, rather than increased…

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