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Cannabis linked to brain differences in the young

Wednesday Apr 16 2014

Cannabis used linked to brain abnormalities

“Using cannabis just once a week harms young brains,” the Daily Mail reports. The newspaper reports on an US study that took one-off brain MRI scans of a group of 20 young adult recreational cannabis users, and a comparison group of 20 non-users…

Could statins also protect against dementia?

Monday Apr 14 2014

Could statins also protect against dementia?

"Heart pills taken by millions of people in Britain could dramatically reduce the risk of dementia," the Daily Express reports. A study from Taiwan has found an association between statin use and reduced dementia risk…

Could spinal fluid test give early Alzheimer’s warning?

Friday Mar 21 2014

Spinal fluid test gives 'early warning' for Alzheimer’s

"A new Alzheimer’s detection test which can diagnose the presence of the disease decades before symptoms appear could be available to patients," the Daily Express reports. The test is based on looking for abnormally folded proteins inside spinal fluid…

Statins may slow progression of MS

Wednesday Mar 19 2014

Statins may slow progression of MS

"Multiple sclerosis patients may benefit from statins," The Guardian reports. A UK study has found that the cholesterol lowering drugs also slows shrinkage to the brain in people living with MS…

Oxytocin nasal spray tested for anorexia

Thursday Mar 13 2014

Oxytocin nasal spray tested for anorexia

“A kiss to 'cure' anorexia: 'Love hormone' can help reduce sufferers' obsession with food and weight,” is the unsupported claim on the Mail Online. This story involved the media’s favourite hormone, oxytocin which…

Claims new blood test can detect Alzheimer's disease

Monday Mar 10 2014

Could new tests make accurately diagnosing dementia easier?

“Blood test that can predict Alzheimer's,” was the headline used by BBC News, the Daily Mail and The Guardian today. Similar coverage was seen across many of the front pages of other newspapers...

Angry outbursts may up heart attack risk

Tuesday Mar 4 2014

Angry outbursts may up heart attack risk

'Having a hot temper may increase your risk of having a heart attack or stroke, according to researchers' BBC News reports. US researchers found that people prone to attacks of range had a higher risk of a serious cardiovascular event…

Is cooked meat linked to increased dementia risk?

Tuesday Feb 25 2014

How you cook meat could also affect dementia risk

'Cooking meat "may be dementia risk"' reports BBC News. It reports on a study in mice and humans that was looking at what are known as advanced glycation end products (AGEs), found in meat, and whether they are linked to development of dementia...

Flu jab may cut stroke risk by a quarter

Friday Feb 21 2014

Flu jab may cut stroke risk by a quarter

'People who have the seasonal flu jab care 24 per cent less likely to suffer a stroke' is the encouraging news in The Daily Telegraph. New research appears to suggest that flu makes people more vulnerable to stroke risk factors…

Nanofibre lined tubes used to 'move' brain tumours

Tuesday Feb 18 2014

Nanofibre lined tubes used to attack brain tumours

“Cancer ‘monorails’ can be used to kill [brain] tumours by luring them into toxic pits or areas of the body that are safer to operate on,” BBC News reports. This headline comes from an exciting new study which used…

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