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Fatty acids in marine algae could 'treat skin problems'

Monday Dec 2 2013

Seaweed – the secret to smoother looking skin?

"Scientists in Scotland believe marine algae could help fight spots," reports the Mail Online. The news comes from a study that suggests that fatty acids found in marine algae such as seaweed could be an…

HPV vaccine could be offered to boys

Friday Nov 29 2013

HPV vaccine may be offered to boys

"HPV vaccine could be given to boys as well as girls in UK," The Guardian reports. It goes on to say that, "Government advisers are to consider whether the HPV vaccine, routinely offered to girls...

High salt levels in soluble drugs may raise heart risk

Wednesday Nov 27 2013

Alarm sounded about high salt content in OTC drugs

“High sodium levels in drugs 'putting patients at risk',” The Guardian reports. A study in the BMJ highlights the often overlooked fact that 'everyday' soluble drugs such as painkillers, contain high levels of salt (sodium) which may cause…

Steroid use in premature babies linked to ADHD

Monday Nov 25 2013

Steroid use in premature babies linked to ADHD

"Steroid injections for premature babies could raise ADHD risk," reports The Daily Telegraph after a Finnish study found a link between steroid use (corticosteroids) in premature babies and developmental conditions such as attention deficit…

Vaccination 'a civic duty' according to new report

Tuesday Nov 19 2013

It’s your 'civil duty' to get vaccinated, report argues

“Getting vaccinated is a civic duty, warn health experts,” The Independent has reported. The news is based on a new report on adult immunisation in the UK produced by the International Longevity Centre…

Dilute bleach 'refreshes aged skin' in the lab

Monday Nov 18 2013

Bleach could slow the ageing process

“Household bleach could treat skin damaged by sunbathing or radiotherapy and even reverse the signs of ageing, scientists claim,” reports the Daily Telegraph. Don’t be tempted to try this at home…

Experts with links to drugs industry 'hyped swine flu'

Tuesday Nov 12 2013

Experts with pharma links 'hyped' swine flu risks

"Swine flu risk was inflated by experts with links to drugs industry," The Independent reports. The claim has been made by the authors of a study that analysed newspaper reporting of the swine flu pandemic in 2009…

ACE inhibitor use may be linked to kidney failure

Thursday Nov 7 2013

ACE inhibitors linked with kidney failure

"Blood pressure drugs…could raise the risk of potentially deadly kidney problems," the Daily Mail warns. Researchers have looked at whether there is an association between the prescribing patterns for these drugs…

Probiotic pickled turnip touted as ‘flu wonder cure’

Wednesday Nov 6 2013

Probiotic pickle turnip touted as ‘flu wonder cure’

"Wonder cure for killer flu," is the headline on the front page of the Daily Express. What the headline fails to tell you is that the "cure" – bacteria found in suguki, a type of pickled turnip – has only been tested in mice…

Drug may help Parkinson's disease psychosis

Monday Nov 4 2013

Parkinson's disease can be associated with psychotic symptoms

“New drug to relieve Parkinson’s psychosis: Breakthrough could offer better quality of life for thousands who suffer hallucinations,” reports the Mail Online...

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