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Blood test may tell you the best way to quit smoking

Monday Jan 12 2015

Blood test may tell you the best way to quit smoking

"A blood test could help people choose a stop-smoking strategy that would give them the best chance of quitting," BBC News reports. The test measures how quickly an individual breaks down nicotine inside their body…

Does contraceptive jab make HIV more likely?

Monday Jan 12 2015

Contraceptive jab 'linked to increased HIV risk'

"Contraceptive injections moderately increase a woman's risk of becoming infected with HIV," The Guardian reports. The headline was prompted by an analysis of 12 studies that looked at whether the use of hormonal contraception…

New 'game-changing' antibiotic discovered

Thursday Jan 8 2015

New 'game-changing' antibiotics discovered

“New class of antibiotic could turn the tables,” on antibiotic resistance The Guardian reports and is just one of many headlines proclaiming the discovery of a “super-antibiotic” and for once, such enthusiastic headlines might be largely justified…

Could meal-in-a-pill 'trick' body into losing weight?

Wednesday Jan 7 2015

Could meal-in-a-pill 'trick' body into losing weight?

"Weight loss drug fools body into reacting as if it has just eaten," The Guardian reports. The drug, fexaramine, replicates signals that are produced when the body begins eating; though as yet has only been tested in mice…

New skin cancer drugs show promise in lab tests

Monday Jan 5 2015

New skin cancer drugs show promise

"New skin cancer drug set for clinical trials," The Guardian reports. In fact, two new compounds designed to treat malignant melanoma are due for trials after promising results in laboratory research…

Ibuprofen unlikely to extend life

Friday Dec 19 2014

Ibuprofen: good for killing pain, but can upset your stomach

The Daily Mirror today reports that, “taking ibuprofen every day could extend your life by up to 12 YEARS”. The Daily Express also has a similar front page headline, while...

Almost half of all adults take prescription drugs

Thursday Dec 11 2014

Almost half of all adults take prescription drugs

“Half of women and 43% of men in England are now regularly taking prescription drugs,” BBC News reports. The figures have come to light as part of a new survey into drug prescribing patterns…

Hopes for chemicals that turn 'bad' fat 'good'

Tuesday Dec 9 2014

Hopes for a compound that turns 'bad' fat 'good'

"Scientists discovered how to trigger a molecule which can turn 'bad' white fat cells into 'good' energy-burning brown fat cells," The Daily Telegraph reports, saying that it could "replace the treadmill". But this proof of concept lab research…

Text alerts 'help prompt people to take their pills'

Monday Dec 8 2014

Text alerts 'help prompt people to take their pills'

"A text messaging service could help people remember to take the medicines they have been prescribed," BBC News reports after a small trial scheme in London helped increase drug adherence in people with cardiovascular disease…

Drug found to help repair spinal cord injuries

Thursday Dec 4 2014

New drug found to help repair spine injuries

"A drug that can encourage nerves in the spinal cord to grow and repair injuries has been developed by US scientists," BBC News reports. The drug, intracellular sigma peptide, helped restore varying degrees of nerve functions in previously disabled rats…

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