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Could cannabis compound soothe arthritis pain?

Tuesday Jan 7 2014

Synthetic cannabis could soothe arthritis pain

“Synthetic cannabis-like molecule developed in lab could help osteoarthritis sufferers,” reports The Daily Telegraph. Anecdotal reports of cannabis’s ability to soothe chronic pain conditions…

MPs criticise Tamiflu secrecy and stockpiling

Friday Jan 3 2014

MPs criticise Tamiflu secrecy and stockpiling

"Drug companies accused of holding back complete information on clinical trials," The Guardian reports. MPs have published a report expressing concern that drug companies are withholding evidence about how effective drugs such as Tamiflu actually are…

Another cell study spun as 'age-reversing miracle'

Friday Dec 20 2013

Santa won't be bringing an anti-ageing miracle pill this year

Those of us concerned that we may not be looking as young as we used to have received an early Christmas present according to various news outlets. The Mail Online tells us that...

US experts say high blood pressure is overtreated

Friday Dec 20 2013

Should fewer people be treated for high blood pressure?

"Your blood pressure might not be as high as you think: Doctors say some older people may not need medication," the Mail Online says, reporting on new US guidance for doctors on when to prescribe blood pressure tablets...

Stroke risk 'higher at start of warfarin treatment'

Thursday Dec 19 2013

Warfarin pills can thin the blood and help prevent strokes

"Warfarin doubles risk of stroke in first week for irregular heartbeat sufferers," reports The Daily Telegraph. Warfarin is a drug known to reduce the risk of stroke...

Can aspirin fight anger?

Thursday Dec 19 2013

Media reports that aspirin can control your temper

"Keep calm and carry an aspirin to beat your temper," reports The Daily Telegraph's front page. This risible headline comes from a study that did not look at aspirin or at people who have a "quick temper"...

Study finds vitamin pills have 'limited benefit'

Wednesday Dec 18 2013

Do vitamins do us any good at all?

"Vitamins are a waste of money," reports The Daily Telegraph, while the Daily Mail tells us that multi-vitamins "do nothing to protect us from illness"...

Regulator warns of recall of Tixylix cough medicine

Monday Dec 16 2013

Several varieties of cough mixture have been recalled

"Parents urged to check children's medicines after plastic contaminated some batches," the Daily Mirror has reported...

Anastrozole may cut breast cancer risk

Friday Dec 13 2013

Anastrozole has been tested in a blinded randomised controlled trial

The Daily Telegraph reports on a "remarkable breast cancer drug that could save the lives of thousands of women". This solid and believable headline, along with similar ones from The Times and The Guardian, was based on large-scale...

Sperm blocking study brings 'male pill' closer

Tuesday Dec 3 2013

Male pill could work by stopping sperm

"Researchers announce discovery of proteins that can be blocked to prevent the launch of sperm cells during ejaculation," The Guardian reports. The paper explains that…

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