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Wikipedia 'not a reliable source' of health advice

Wednesday May 28 2014

Wikipedia may be 'unreliable source' for health advice, study finds

"Don't use Wikipedia for medical advice," warns The Independent after a survey found factual errors in 9 out of 10 articles about the 10 most common medical conditions. This story is based on a study that assessed the information in Wikipedia articles…

Could an MS drug 'erase' traumatic memories?

Tuesday May 27 2014

MS drug 'may help erase traumatic memory'

"A drug could be re-purposed to erase painful memories from people who have suffered trauma and pain," The Independent reports. The news comes from a study involving mice that measured their response to a series of electric shocks…

Fresh hope in hunt for malaria vaccine

Friday May 23 2014

Fresh hope for malaria vaccine

“A group of children… naturally immune to malaria are helping scientists to develop a new vaccine,” BBC News reports. Researchers hope the children could be key to developing a viable vaccine for malaria…

Could a compound found in cannabis treat epilepsy?

Friday May 23 2014

Researchers looked at whether a cannabis compound prevents seizures

"Cannabis could be used to help treat epilepsy," the Mail Online reports. A leading epilepsy medical journal has published a critical review summarising the evidence of the benefits of cannabis – specifically the compound cannabidiols…

Vaccines not linked with autism, study finds

Tuesday May 20 2014

Childhood vaccines 'not associated with autism'

"There is no evidence whatsoever linking the development of autism to childhood vaccines," The Guardian reports. A new study involving more than a million children found no evidence of a link between childhood vaccines and autism…

Could young blood 'slow' ageing?

Tuesday May 6 2014

Countess Elizabeth Báthory de Ecsed bathed in virgins' blood in the search for eternal youth

“Vampire treatment with young blood reverses ageing process,” The Independent reports. But before you get too excited, we should clarify that the headlines relate to a study on mice.

WHO warns about threat of drug resistance

Thursday May 1 2014

WHO warns about threat of antimicrobial resistance

“WHO calls for urgent action to preserve power of antibiotics and make new ones,” The Guardian reports. The World Health Organization (WHO), has published a report highlighting the growing global threat of drug resistance…

Could a carbohydrate curb calorific cravings?

Wednesday Apr 30 2014

Appetite suppressing molecule identified

“Pill to switch off hunger possible as 'anti-appetite' molecule discovered,” The Daily Telegraph reports. Researchers studied the brains of mice given inulin and acetate, and discovered they affected areas of the brain involved in appetite suppression.

Could statins also protect against dementia?

Monday Apr 14 2014

Could statins also protect against dementia?

"Heart pills taken by millions of people in Britain could dramatically reduce the risk of dementia," the Daily Express reports. A study from Taiwan has found an association between statin use and reduced dementia risk…

New hepatitis C drug treatment 'shows promise'

Monday Apr 14 2014

New hepatitis C drug 'show promise'

"A new treatment for hepatitis C 'cured' 90% of patients with the infection in 12 weeks, scientists said," BBC News reports after a new drug protocol designed to target the protein that assists the spread of the virus through the body has shown promising…

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