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Ten point plan to tackle liver disease published

Thursday Nov 27 2014

Ten-point plan to tackle liver disease published

"Doctors call for tougher laws on alcohol abuse to tackle liver disease crisis," The Guardian reports. But this is just one of 10 recommendations for tackling the burden of liver disease published in a special report in The Lancet…

Are silver surfers more health savvy?

Wednesday Nov 26 2014

Silver surfing may help older people to be more health savvy

"Older people who use the internet … may be better equipped to keep on top of their health," BBC News reports. A survey found regular internet use in older people was associated with good health literacy...

Air dryers 'blown away' by paper towels in germ tests

Friday Nov 21 2014

Air dyers 'spread more germs' than paper towels

"Hand dryers 'splatter' users with bacteria," The Daily Telegraph reports. The headline is prompted by an experimental study that compared the potential transfer of germs to the surrounding environment…

Does being poor make your teeth fall out?

Tuesday Nov 18 2014

Good oral hygiene can help prevent tooth loss

"People with lower income end up with eight fewer teeth than the rich," The Independent reports. The headline is prompted by a new study based on...

Triclosan soap linked to mouse liver cancers

Tuesday Nov 18 2014

Washing your hands probably won't give you cancer

"A chemical ingredient of cosmetics, soaps, detergents, shampoos and toothpaste has been found to trigger liver cancer," reports The Independent. The chemical in question, triclosan...

Just one kiss 'spreads 80 million bugs'

Monday Nov 17 2014

Kissing 'spreads 80 million bugs'

"A single 10-second kiss can transfer as many as 80 million bacteria," BBC News reports. Dutch scientists took "before and after" samples from 21 couples to see the effect an intimate kiss had on the bacteria found in the mouth…

Do people who take weight loss pills eat unhealthily?

Friday Nov 14 2014

Slimming pills: do they really make you think you can eat more cookies?

"Are slimming pills fuelling the obesity epidemic?" asks the Mail Online, reporting on research that suggests dieters "mistakenly believe they can eat whatever they want" after taking weight-loss drugs...

Sex with funny, rich men linked with more orgasms

Thursday Nov 13 2014

Our bodies respond to our thoughts and emotions during sex

"Women have stronger orgasms if their partner is funny - and rich", says the Mail Online. This headline is wrong. And the research it’s based on, while fascinating, is rather inconclusive...

Does having a hobby help you live longer?

Thursday Nov 6 2014

Does having a hobby help you live longer?

"Having a hobby can add YEARS to your life," The Daily Express reports. The headline is prompted by an international study that looked at ageing and happiness. The study found older people who reported the greatest sense of purpose in life survived…

Smoking increases risk of chronic back pain

Wednesday Nov 5 2014

Smoking 'increases risk of chronic back pain'

"Smokers are three times more likely to suffer from back pain," the Mail Online reports. The headline was prompted by the results of a recent study, which involved observing 68 people with sub-acute back pain…

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