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Vegetarians have 'poorer quality of life' study claims

Friday Apr 4 2014

Vegetarians have 'poorer quality of life' study claims

“Vegetarians are 'less healthy and have a lower quality of life than meat-eaters’,'' The Independent reports. A study from Austria suggests there is an association between a vegetarian diet and an increased risk of certain chronic diseases…

Single men risk ignoring melanoma symptoms

Wednesday Apr 2 2014

Single men at increased risk of skin cancer deaths

“Men who live alone at greater skin cancer risk,” The Daily Telegraph reports. The headlines are based on a population study from Sweden, which followed almost 30,000 people diagnosed with malignant melanoma…

Call to make 5 a day fruit and veg into '7 a day'

Tuesday Apr 1 2014

Five a day should be upped to 'seven a day'

"Eating seven or more portions of fruit and vegetables a day is healthier than the five currently recommended," BBC News report. A new study suggests that the current dietary recommendations do not go far enough…

Back pain 'leading cause of disability,' study finds

Tuesday Mar 25 2014

Back pain is now a leading cause of disability

"Back pain behind 'more disability than any other condition'," ITV News reports after a new study found that the condition may now be the leading cause of disability worldwide…

'Couch potato' lifestyle linked to bigger bums

Monday Mar 24 2014

Sitting down a lot may trigger new fat growth

"It's official: Sitting around really does give you a fat behind," the Mail Online reports. While this may seem logical, it should be pointed out that the study behind the headlines involved mice, not humans…

No proof that high-dose cannabis is more addictive

Thursday Mar 20 2014

No proof that high-dose cannabis is more addictive

"People who smoke high-potency cannabis inhale more of the drug’s active ingredient, THC," the Mail Online reports. And exposure to high levels of THC may increase the risk of drug dependency…

Alcohol at end of aisles linked to 'boosted sales'

Monday Mar 17 2014

Alcohol at end of aisles linked to 'boosted sales'

“Putting alcohol and fizzy drinks at the end of supermarket aisles does make us buy more,” the Mail Online reports. Researchers studying buying patterns in an English supermarket found that placing products on the ends of aisles…

Easy access to takeaways 'increases obesity risk'

Friday Mar 14 2014

Living and working near takeaways ups obesity risk

"Encountering too many takeaway outlets near our homes, workplaces and even on the daily commute to work could be increasing our risk of obesity," The Independent reports…

Are e-cigarettes a 'gateway to nicotine addiction'?

Monday Mar 10 2014

E-cigarettes have sparked a fierce debate

"E-cigarettes are encouraging a new generation to become hooked on nicotine," reports the Mail Online today. E-cigarettes are devices that deliver a heated aerosol ("vapour") of nicotine in a way that mimics conventional cigarettes...

'Peeing' in pool may create harmful byproducts

Friday Mar 7 2014

'Peeing' in pool may create toxic by-products

Peeing in the pool could be bad for your health the Mail Online reports. As well as being deeply impolite, new research suggests that urine can react with chlorinated water creating potentially harmful byproducts…

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