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'Breakthrough' trial brings baldness cure closer

Tuesday Oct 22 2013

Cure for baldness 'a hair breath' away claims media

"Scientists say they have moved a step closer to banishing bald spots," BBC News reveals. While the research only involved mice, it did provide 'proof of concept' that it is possible to reprogramme human cells to grow hair…

Are five meals a day key to tackling teen obesity?

Monday Oct 7 2013

Are five meals a day key to tackling teen obesity?

"The cure for teen obesity? Eating five times a day," is the advice on the Mail Online website. It reports on a study that looked at how frequently a large number of teenagers ate their daily meals, and whether...

Gene breast test could avoid need for chemo

Thursday Sep 26 2013

Gene breast test could avoid need for chemo

"New breast cancer test could spare women chemotherapy" is the reassuring news in The Guardian. New tests, approved by NICE, should help better identify which women would most benefit from chemotherapy…

Healthy living may 'reverse' cellular ageing

Tuesday Sep 17 2013

Can healthy living 'reverse' cellular ageing?

"Going on a health kick reverses ageing at the cellular level, researchers say," BBC News reports. The news is based on the results of a small pilot study that looked at whether lifestyle changes can...

New genetic clue in 'puzzle' of anorexia

Monday Sep 16 2013

Researchers identify 'anorexia gene'

“Anorexia could have genetic link,” The Daily Telegraph reports. The headline might lead you to think that a role for genes in anorexia is a completely new finding…

Adult cells turned into stem cells in the body

Thursday Sep 12 2013

Stem cells have been created inside the bodies of mice

A "breakthrough" study in which stem cells were created from living adult tissue means that damaged and diseased organs could eventually be regenerated inside the bodies of living patients, The Daily Telegraph has reported ...

Misleading claims of 'cure for Down's syndrome'

Friday Sep 6 2013

"Cure" for Down's syndrome claims

The Mail Online suggests there could be a "cure" for Down’s syndrome, saying that scientists have "discovered a way to reverse the learning difficulties caused by the condition" ...

New heart op could save 'thousands of lives'

Tuesday Sep 3 2013

A new heart operation could save many lives

The Mail Online reports on a new heart operation that could save the lives of thousands of people who have heart attacks every year.

Does 'ginger gene' increase skin cancer risk?

Friday Aug 23 2013

Does 'ginger gene' up skin cancer risk?

The Times says “the anti-cancer gene fails in the sunshine”, among many reports on why people with red hair may be more susceptible to malignant melanoma – the most severe form of skin cancer…

Could a blood test measure suicide risk?

Wednesday Aug 21 2013

Could a blood test measure suicide risk?

The potential for a blood test to predict suicide risk has sparked much debate, with The Independent reporting that, "US study raises controversial prospect to identify people at risk"...

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