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Salt cuts have 'saved lives,' says study

Tuesday Apr 15 2014

'Salt cuts have saved lives,' says study

"Cutting back on salt does save lives," is the good news on the front page of the Daily Mail. The headline is based on a study of data obtained from the Health Survey for England, the National Diet and Nutrition Survey, and the Office for National…

Milk may slow progression of knee osteoarthritis

Monday Apr 7 2014

Milk may slow progression of arthritis

"Milk could be the key to beating crippling arthritis," reports the Daily Express, while the Daily Mail adds that, "A glass of milk a day keeps arthritis at bay". Both headlines are potentially misleading. The study the…

Vegetarians have 'poorer quality of life' study claims

Friday Apr 4 2014

Vegetarians have 'poorer quality of life' study claims

“Vegetarians are 'less healthy and have a lower quality of life than meat-eaters’,'' The Independent reports. A study from Austria suggests there is an association between a vegetarian diet and an increased risk of certain chronic diseases…

No proof Earl Grey can fight heart disease

Tuesday Apr 1 2014

Earl Grey unproven as replacement for statins

“A cup of Earl Grey 'as good as statins' at fighting heart disease,” reports The Daily Telegraph, entirely without proof. The science behind this headline did not show Earl Grey was as good as statins…

Call to make 5 a day fruit and veg into '7 a day'

Tuesday Apr 1 2014

Five a day should be upped to 'seven a day'

"Eating seven or more portions of fruit and vegetables a day is healthier than the five currently recommended," BBC News report. A new study suggests that the current dietary recommendations do not go far enough…

Should people with 'fat genes' avoid fried food?

Wednesday Mar 19 2014

Got fat genes? Avoid fried food, study advises

"Eating fried food is more likely to make you fat if you have 'obesity genes'," The Independent reports after a study in the BMJ suggested that those with a genetic predisposition towards obesity should avoid fried food…

Saturated fats and heart disease link 'unproven'

Tuesday Mar 18 2014

Saturated fats heart disease link 'unproven'

“No link found between saturated fat and heart disease,” The Daily Telegraph reports. Researchers have pooled the results of over 70 studies and say they have found no significant link between saturated fats and heart disease…

Easy access to takeaways 'increases obesity risk'

Friday Mar 14 2014

Living and working near takeaways ups obesity risk

"Encountering too many takeaway outlets near our homes, workplaces and even on the daily commute to work could be increasing our risk of obesity," The Independent reports…

WHO says halving sugar target has extra benefit

Thursday Mar 6 2014

Suagr - delicious, but bad for your teeth

“Halve sugar intake, say health experts,” The Daily Telegraph reports, while The Guardian tells us that “a can of coke a day is too much sugar”. The widespread media reports follow new draft international guidelines looking at...

High protein diet not as bad for you as smoking

Wednesday Mar 5 2014

High protein diet may be harmful for middle-aged

“People who eat diets rich in animal protein carry similar cancer risk to those who smoke 20 cigarettes each day,” reports The Daily Telegraph. We have decades of very good evidence that smoking kills and – fortunately for meat lovers...

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