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High-salt diet linked to 1.6 million heart deaths

Thursday Aug 14 2014

Too much salt in the diet is believed to cause cardiovascular disease

"Salty diet 'causes 1.6 million deaths worldwide each year'," reports The Daily Telegraph. It goes on to quote a researcher saying this is "nearly 1 in 10 of all deaths from cardiovascular causes worldwide". This scary-sounding headline...

Restaurant dining 'as calorific as fast food'

Friday Aug 8 2014

Is eating out more unhealthy than eating in?

"Eating in restaurants no better than fast food for health," reports The Daily Telegraph after the publication of a study on the calorie intake of eating out...

Dieting can leave some people 'feeling depressed'

Friday Aug 8 2014

Dieting can leave some people 'feeling depressed'

"It's official; dieting does make us depressed," laments the Mail Online. A study of 1,979 overweight and obese people found that those who lost 5% of their bodyweight were nearly twice as likely to feel some symptoms of depression...

Salt content in cheese 'too high', say campaigners

Thursday Aug 7 2014

'Salt cuts have saved lives,' says study

"Halloumi and blue cheese saltier than seawater,” reports The Daily Telegraph, following the publication of research on the salt content of cheeses sold in the UK. Researchers looked at 612 supermarket cheeses...

Eating more than 5 a day 'brings no extra benefit'

Wednesday Jul 30 2014

Eating more than 5 a day 'brings no extra benefit'

"Eating more than five a day has 'no extra health benefit'," reports The Independent. The paper reports on a review that combined the results of previous research looking at the effect of increasing the amount of fruit…

Umami flavouring 'may help you feel fuller faster'

Wednesday Jul 23 2014

Umami flavouring 'may help you feel fuller faster'

"Always hungry? You need more UMAMI in your life: study finds so-called 'fifth taste' in sauces and meat helps us feel satisfied," reports the Mail Online. Umami is a Japanese term that roughly translates as "pleasant savoury taste"…

Probiotics 'may improve blood pressure'

Tuesday Jul 22 2014

Probiotics may help improve blood pressure

“Eating probiotics may lower blood pressure,” The Daily Telegraph reports. Probiotics, so-called “friendly bacteria”, have been found to moderately reduce blood pressure in a new study…

Two-question test for alcohol misuse 'effective'

Monday Jul 7 2014

Two question screening for alcohol misuse 'effective'

“Do you regularly have more than six drinks in one sitting? Or do you regret a drunken escapade that took place in the past year? Answering yes to both questions may be a sign that you have a drink problem," the Mail Online reports.

Children’s TV contains unhealthy 'food cues'

Friday Jul 4 2014

Children’s TV contains unhealthy 'food cues'

'Children are being bombarded with scenes of unhealthy eating on TV' The Independent reports. Researchers looking at public broadcasting in the UK and Ireland found children’s TV contained a high number of visual and verbal references to unhealthy foods…

Kids who know their fast food logos 'grow up fat'

Tuesday Jul 1 2014

Kids who know their fast food logos 'grow up fat'

"Children who recognise fast food brands are more likely to be obese," the Mail Online reports. The headline is based on a US study that investigated whether there was an association between obesity and brand awareness in children…

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