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Infertility treatments 'not linked' to developmental delays

Tuesday Jan 5 2016

"There is no heightened risk of developmental delays … in children conceived through IVF or other infertility treatments," the Mail Online reports. A study found that the numbers of children affected…

Dry January 'can lead to healthier drinking patterns long-term'

Monday Jan 4 2016

"Study … found that Dry January leads to healthier drinking habits," the Mail Online reports. Dry January involves giving up alcohol for the month. There is limited evidence about whether taking part in the challenge...

Our news predictions for 2016

Thursday Dec 31 2015

What will be the big health news stories for 2016? We take a look in the Behind the Headlines crystal ball and offer our predictions…

The top 10 most popular news stories of 2015

Wednesday Dec 30 2015

In this end of year report, we count down the top 10 most-read Behind the Headlines stories of 2015…

Behind the Headlines' 2015 Quiz of the Year

Tuesday Dec 29 2015

In 2015, Behind the Headlines covered more than 500 health stories that made it into the mainstream media. If you've been paying attention, you should find this quiz both easy and fun...

Behind the Headlines' Top Five of Top Fives 2015

Thursday Dec 24 2015

As we move towards the end of the 2015, like all news sources, we fall back on that classic space filler – the list story. So, without further ado, here is the official Behind the Headlines' Top Five of Top Fives stories of 2015...

Vitamin D deficiency linked to irritable bowel syndrome

Wednesday Dec 23 2015

"Is vitamin D the key to treating IBS? 82% of sufferers 'are deficient'," the Mail Online reports. However, the small study that noticed the trend did not find that giving vitamin D supplements to people with IBS helped with symptoms…

New theory about migraine triggers published

Tuesday Dec 22 2015

"Migraine breakthrough as scientists discover the process that triggers EVERY symptom - paving the way for a cure," the Daily Mail over-optimistically reports. While a new theory about the cause(s) of migraines is plausible, it is also unproven…

Last line in antibiotic resistance under threat - News update

Tuesday Dec 22 2015

"The last line of antibiotic defence against some serious infections is under threat," The Guardian reports, after researchers found that E.coli bacteria from food products in China has developed resistance to colistin, a polymixin antibiotic…

The idea you can be fat but fit is 'a myth' study argues

Monday Dec 21 2015

"No, you can't be fat and fit, say the experts," the Daily Mail reports. A major study involving more than a million men seems to contradict the idea that "obese individuals can fully compensate mortality risk by being physically fit"…

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